Think you don’t need a graphic designer? Think again

Over 13,000 new companies are brought to the Canadian market every year. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s a crowded world out there, and catching (and keeping) your customers’ attention can be tough.

That’s why good design is more important than ever. For businesses of all sizes, the benefits of working with a professional graphic designer far outweigh the costs. Businesses of every size, large and small, can’t afford NOT to employ a professional designer.

If you’re looking to save time, look professional, and increase sales, here are the six skills that a graphic designer can bring to your business:

1 – Designers think visually

There’s more to design than laying elements out on a page. Graphic designers are trained in the art of sharing complex ideas in a visual way. When you’re communicating with your audience – whether you’re selling a new product or explaining the benefits of a service – you’re sharing thoughts and concepts. The better you can communicate, the more leads you’ll generate, and ultimately this will lead to more sales.

2 – Designers plan the flow of information

From telling your corporate story to ensuring a smooth checkout experience at your online store, graphic designers have an eye for the flow of information. Every step of your customer’s journey, from their first introduction to your company, to the Thank You email following their purchase, is considered part of the graphic design universe. A graphic designer can help you make sure that no steps are missing along the way.

3 – A professional designer saves you time

And more time means more money! Do you want to spend all afternoon laying out text and images in your latest brochure, or would your time be spent more wisely fostering relationships with new clients, closing sales, and growing your business? We all know the answer to that one!

4 – Designers give your company an identity

What is branding anyway? Anybody can create a logo, but if you want your business to visually communicate your values then you’ll need a graphic designer. Your customers are bombarded with marketing all day long. How do you make sure that your company’s personality stands out? That’s branding. That’s what graphic designers can help with. Your brand is your company’s identity and it’s what makes your customers think “Yes! I want to be a part of this!”

5 – Designers can bring your great ideas to life

You’ve got a ton of ideas to acquire new customers. Your graphic designer can take your ideas and turn them into reality. They take a boring word document and churn out a flashy flyer or a glossy brochure, walking with you through every step of the way from initial designs to printing process.

6 – Designers translate the technical jargon

Don’t know your DPI from your CMYK? That’s why you need a graphic designer! Your marketing collateral is your spokesperson and it has to look great. Whether you’re printing billboards to advertise at the side of the highway, or you’re creating business cards to give out at a networking event, a graphic designer advises you on all the technical details to achieve a professional look.

Running a business is tricky, and oftentimes business owners have to wear multiple hats. Graphic design, as a key element to building a successful business, is a hat best worn by a graphic designer. To find out how a graphic design professional could help your business, get in touch today.

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